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Once we have collected everything together this page/section of the website will contain information and news about our recordings, studio and live readings/performances, audio and visual. Recordings that will, in general, be free for you to enjoy, though there may also be some that we will offer to you as a digital download for a small fee.

The Reater, issue 4

In 2000 Reater 4 was published, included with it was a free 40 track CD, which featured live readings by various poets from the Wrecking Ball stable.

The contributors to this CD are Brendan Cleary (7), Ian Parks (3), Devreaux baker (5), Dean Wilson (3), Daithidh Maceochaidh (1), Graham Hamilton (1), Lisa Glatt (4), Peter Knaggs (2), Joan Jobe Smith (2), Seamus Curran (4), Fred Voss (3), Carol Coiffait (2), Labi Siffre (2), and Gerald Locklin (1).

Listen to recordings from Reater 4 from Wrecking Ball Press

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File information - Length 50:28 mins, Format mp3, Bitrate 32kbps, Channels mono, Size 11.55mb.