The Reater, from Winter 1997 onwards

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"The Reater seems to carry on a colloquial poetic conversation between the east coast of Britain and the west coast of America with readers and writers listening in from many points in the middle. Much of the work it publishes has the rare quality of language overheard, avoiding the preached at spoken to told off stuff that sometimes characterizes grander or more traditional work." - Simon Armitage

Shane began The Reater with Owen Benwell when they became frustrated with the poorly produced magazines they were seeing. They felt that badly photocopied sheets of confusing and unreadable verses were hardly going to set people's appetite for poetry alight. 'So we decided to stop complaining and do something about it ourselves. It was important that The Reater should look and feel good. People normally throw magazines away, but we wanted it to be something you'd keep.'

The Reater since 1997

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The Reater, Issue 5, 2006

"The streetwise slab-sized Reater is streets ahead of any other magazine in giving the reader a working report on the buzzy special relationship between British and American poetry. The new writers it generously showcases in each chunky issue are often as startlingly original as the more familiar names. All are in touch with our times as well as with our selves." - Neil Astley

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The Reater, Issue 4, 2000

The most exciting magazine of international new writing in the U.K. continues, with a special Millennium issue. A free 40 track CD, featuring live readings by various poets is included.

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The Reater, Issue 3, 1999

Issue 3 contains poetry by Brendan Cleary, Geoff Hattersley, Roddy Lumsden, Labbi Siffre, Joan Jobe Smith, Fred Voss, Gerald Locklin, Greta Stoddart, Simon Armitage. This issue also includes the first ever published interview with Charles Bukowski entitled 'Charles Bukowski Speaks Out' by Arnold L. Kaye.

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The Reater, Issue 2, 1998

The shadow of the moth flicks the page I'm reading. I look up to the white blindness of a tired yellow bulb hanging heavy with temporary heat. My eyes recoil, staining the page with silvefish jizz. After blinking a couple of times, I push the button, raise the knib and I'm back to this...

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The Reater, Issue 1, 1997

This was the first issue of The Reater. Started in winter 1997 it brought together challenging new British writing with the best of Southern California. Produced in a high quality paperback format, it features established names alongside excellent newcomers. Interleaved among the poetry and prose are interviews, reviews, and striking illustrations.

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