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Peter Knaggs | You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Book Is About You

photograph of Peter Knaggs

Peter Knaggs

Peter Knaggs

Peter Knaggs is interested in how the ordinary and the extraordinary interweave. He has taken prizes in many poetry competitions, most notably The Bridport International two years on the trot, and The National Poetry Competition, also, two years running.

Peter lives in Hull and is famous for two things, first for coing the phrase 'Poetry is the new cod', and secondly for knocking Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire off the number one spot in the best seller charts* with his debut poetry collection 'Cowboy Hat'.


Cowboy Hat

"The titles of the poems read like captions of pictures or titles of how to manuals. They were urban poems quick accessible serious bleak, & grim. There was a strong sense of place which I liked (though it meant some mysterious words: nash, shan, gratey, radgy, chaver, bimph, rek o't'een. etc..) They were concerned with minutiae of daily life: tin openers, toast, chippies, conkers, the lives of working people" - Rain Dog

Peter Knaggs on Wrecking Ball Press

You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Book Is About You

Barring Geoff Hattersley, you'd think most contemporary poets have never done a proper days work in their life. For me this poetic vacuum, this space walked around or avoided, leaves me unable sometimes to link myself to poetry and poets. We all work don't we? So in, You're So Vain You Probably Think This Book Is About You (YSVYPTTBIAY), I wanted to address this balance, to tackle work, the toad as Larkin called it, to show the vicissitudes of the work place, how employment shapes us and what it does to us. Read more

The Reater

Issue 2 Suckers. Neighbourhood Watch.

Issue 3 Phlegm. Seat Still Warm. The Radio. Just To Let You Know.

Issue 4 In Praise Of Tin Openers. The Door Bell Is Ringing. A Man On Chanterlands Avenue Slices An Onion. Sam Thumbs A Spent Cartridge 20 Years After.

* In Hull for one week in one bookshop